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31/B, South Delhi, Khan Market, New Delhi - 110003

A land of plenty. A land of treasures, rich cultural heritage, august pristine beauty. And - a land of exquisite culinary delight. Throughout the length and breadth of the country, the gourmet landscape varies, offering an eclectic mix of unique gastronomic variance that have stolen the hearts of all the every. And that's not all. The country's indepth understanding of the food world, has made it a global destination for not only Indian, but world food and one world food destination that savours it all is Chonas....

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Good Place....

Over the years, this place has never ceased to amaze. The food and service quality have been really consistent over the years. I really love their sizzlers and soups. And I quite like their passion for innovation. On every visit of mine, I have spotted tweaks in decor and setting which makes it an altogether refreshing experience.


CHONAS is a good place , has a good food good drinks as well , they also hav great deals . but little expensive , but after having a deal on can easily hav variety of food dere.


Chonas, nice restaurant, good place for family , food quality is tasty and very clear, i love this place, little expensive, but all good things always little expensive.


Heard alot about the place. Went there for a quick lunch and some beers.
The place is good, but nothing special- this goes for everything, food, service and the ambiance. We ordered some beers and snacks. Beer was well chilled, the snacks were good; but not great. Overall, an above average place.


Well i remember chonas from about 5 years ago. They used to have great deals on alcohol and was one of the best pouring joints in khan market.
Though it has expanded now and has 2 outlets in khan market, it hasnt lost its charm and I still see people enjoying their glass of beer along with munchies and having a great time.
Isnt this what hospitality is all about!? Making the guest feel at home and having a few drinks which dont burn a hole in your pocket and feeling comfortable at the same time.


A very average restaurant at an upmarket location. Nothing too exotic and the food is comparable to local dhabas like the much cheaper Apni Rasoi and the others.

I would not visit the place again since the food was very mediocre. Dal Makhni, Palak Paneer & Karhai Chicken were edible and that's about it.


Food simply isnt good, sometimes too salty, sometimes just weird. At the most, you could pick a simple beer snack like Chilli Chicken or Masala Peanuts or something that no one could possibly mess up!!ese guys have the longest happy hours, and they give you 2 pitchers of Kingfisher for like 600 bucks..Recommended


When I think of Chonas, I think Beer!! And that too, cheap beer! It doesnt get any better when its the end of the month and you are up for some chilling..I wouldnt recommend the food here to anyone unless you are absolutely starving..


terrible place. I did not like the service. Also my dala deal was not accepted. They refused service. Even call center people did not help me. It was almost like scam. The website is clearly not taking interest in servicing its customers. I had such high expectations but had a terrible experience.

Your voucher didn't have the code as the manager asked if you had the code on sms as you didn't have that's the reason we had to deny the services

By Merchant 13 December 2012

best and economic place to hang out and booze with friends...