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Devil'z Tattooz

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M-53, Top floor, Near KFC,G.K-1 Greater Kailash, New Delhi-110048

Devil’z tattooz is a New Delhi based tattoo studio featuring International level of tattooing in India. We offer you thousands of designs to choose from and customized tattoos to meet your requirements, apart from this we also design Ambigrams, Logos and offer Custom graffiti. Devil’z tattooz uses the best of equipments, world class standards of tattooing and our Hygiene standards meet International levels. Packed Needles are opened in front of you and after the tattoo is completed, it is either given back to you or destroyed. Also everything that touches your skin is new like the needles, ink caps, gloves, razors etc to make your tattooing experience a memory for lifetime....

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Devil'z Tattooz

Greater Kailash Part 1

Pathetic experience I would say !!

I have been trying to reach this studio for an appointment with their artist 'Alex' , but since 5 months iam being told that he is traveling and they don't know when he will be back!
I doubt of even if he works there any longer !

On a compromise I fixed my Apointment with another artist for today 12pm ,and after driving for 35 KMS , GUESS WHAT , that artist isON LEAVE today, nobody gave a****to call and inform!!

Don't miss the cherry on the cake..
This fat guy on the reception (with no apologies on his face), tells me that we have other artists you can go for and asked me to show my artwork to him.
As I STILL believed in them and showed my artwork (it was 2 angel wings and some text) , he tells me, this cannot be done AS IS, it's too intricate and will need to space out and reduce the number of wings. Being a Fashion Designer I understood his point to some extent. And asked him to probably show me the final look/artwork on the computer so I can

Hi Rouble, Our team tried to connect with you several times regarding the listed merchant. However, your number is not reachable. Kindly suggest a good time when we can connect with you to resolve the issue. Thanks. Team Mydala.

By mydala Team 06 July 2017
First and Best Tattoo

Just wanted a tattoo from long time. It was something that I'd wanted to do for years, but never was able to sit down and do. For personal and professional reasons, I waited. So when it was time to get my first tattoo, I wanted to make sure I didn't screw up. I did my reading, talked to friends with body art, and had a good idea of what kind of experience I wanted.The process was exactly what I was hoping for. The shop is clean and professional. I'm a medical professional, and was looking for an omnipresent application of sterile technique. Lokesh and his team seem to take great pride in maintaining equipment and a facility that lends itself to a quality practice. During my 4 and a half hour there, Lokesh kept conversation rolling. He talked about his family, personal views, food, you name it. I was really put at ease, and he didn't make me feel foolish for being so new to the process. He explained everything along the way, and went through the free handing process with his Sharpies until we got the art just the way we both liked it. The piece turned out larger than I imagined, but in a good way, and is absolutely gorgeous.
I had an amazing experience, and will definitely go back for any future work.

Devil'z Tattooz

Nice shop with insanely good artists!Clean, reasonable, friendly, easy-going, and easy-to-get-to ..Highly recommend for tatooo lovers.they do their jobs exceptionally well.