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Hair Station - Tattoo Lounge

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Tattoo in Miscellaneous


Shop No 1, First Floor, Near Ajanta Cinema, Scootter Market, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi - 110027

A fashion statement or an expression of your attitude- whatever your excuse be, Tattoos are a big rage today! A few things are meant to be forever, a tattoo is one of them. A tattoo is not just an impression on the skin, it as an extension of one’s personality. Bunkerz Inks - Hair Station - Tattoo Lounge understands this and offers their perfect tattoo making services. Getting a tattoo done at the outlet, one can be assured that experts are working with them. They follow stringent hygiene and use high-quality inks. Also, they advise customers very well about post-tattoo care which is very crucial for a perfect permanent tattoo....

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Hair Station - Tattoo Lounge

nice and cool hai, services theek hai and merchant was also nice