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2nd Floor, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi - 110027

Bonzai Entertainment with its unique features presents you the most exciting concept of entertainment in the form of 5D Adventure and The Lost World. For a mind-blowing interactive experience, nothing beats Bonzai 5D adventure! This state-of-the-art theatre offers you a whole new generation of movie magic. Through the synchronization of a full spectrum of visual effects, surround sound, individually-controlled motion seats and special "live" environmental effects such as water spray, all your senses will be fully engaged like never before. Now, explore the 5th Dimension of entertainment and adventure! ...

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All the activities are not available at delhi

When I took the deal i was under the impression that all the activities are available at Rajouri Garden. Jungle safari, Dinosaur Safari, virtual box, paint ball etc are not available. I enjoyed 7D adventure, horror house, spinning tunnle, mirror maze and laser battle. Activities are good but it will be too costly to enjoy activity without deal.

Thrilling Excitement Zone

I think the name of the Bonzai entertainment should be changed to the thrilling excitement center .

i went there with my family & its a one place which i would recomend that every one should pay the visit once in a life time there screen expreince of watching 5D is amazing n thrilling.


Hi, I went with my wife and 2.5 yrs daughter to Rajouri Garden (West Gate Mall) center with lots of expectations. Since it was my first time for a 5D movie, I wasn't sure what's in store for us. The ticket counter guy simply wasn't supportive especially for a family attending a 5D movie 1st time. He didn't give proper reply to our queries, which was not done. In fact, for 150 bucks we expect at least 30-45 min. of fun but that wasn't to be. Seats were very uncomfortable and on top of that the Glasses were pathetic. They didn't even fit on our eyes forget about the child. We had to hold the glasses so that they don't fall off while watching the movie. Overall I wud not recommend it to anybody unless they improve upon their infrastructure which is way behind when you compare it with US or other Developed countries. Cheers!!