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Boheco Life

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BOHECO Life is a brand of Bombay Hemp Company, incorporated in 2013, we are an Agro-based enterprise reimagining the future of Indian agriculture and sustainable living with hemp as our lens. Hemp’s uses are kaleidoscopic. Pull its Fibre out and it’ll give you Yarn; chop it into Softwood, it’ll give you material to build Shelter; harvest its seeds and it will transform into all the health and nutrition a human body needs, they design fuses this very potential with the existing industries of agriculture, technology, health and nutrition, to bring together community, impact, and value. We turned 6 last year and it so happens that we launched BOHECO Life - a Hemp Health and Nutrition product line with all the necessary certifications in place. At BOHECO Life, we are driven by the potential that a sustainable lifestyle holds for a greener future. We are a brand that brings to your table a treasured seed of health and nutrition from the Himalayas....

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